Adding value

Adding value

Value for money

BIM allows all possible solutions to be fully modelled, analysed and compared at an early stage. This helps customers consider short term construction costs alongside longer term operational expenditure  - creating best value over the lifetime of an asset.

Improved safety

Using the 4D capabilities of BIM, our project planners can sequence construction works on screen. This helps identify and eliminate any potential safety issues caused by different work packages on-site. It also allows us to develop the shortest and safest approach to construction.

Efficient construction

Using data from a BIM model, we can manufacture various mechanical and electrical systems off-site at our Off-site Solutions facility. This reduces time spent working at height, the number of skilled operatives required and eliminates hot works. It also significantly reduces the time required to complete mechanical and electrical installations.

The BIM model can also be used to spot clashes between various elements of a building or structure. This process allows for redesigns to be finalised before the project commences on-site. It also removes the potential time and cost impact of rework being required during operations.