Helping our customers

Helping our customers

Through BIM, our customers can see exactly what a completed building or structure will look like and how it will operate.

We can model different options on screen, making changes instantly and without cost. Early involvement with BIM as a visualising tool makes it easy for our customers to specify exactly what they want  - with increased satisfaction at the end of the project.

"The BIM modelling has been fantastic in helping me and my team to visualise, analyse and make changes. It allowed me to get a true feeling for how the building will operate and so anticipate some of the issues in advance. It also helps with curriculum planning and in making decisions about how it can be zoned to maximise the use of space."

Andrew Salter, Principal Teacher

Felixstowe Academy

"At Heathrow we tackle some of the most challenging and complex projects anywhere in the world and we need to keep looking for more efficient ways to design and deliver better airport buildings for our passengers and airlines.

By better we mean:

  • Safer in use and in construction
  • More predictable quality and delivery
  • Reducing waste and carbon emission
  • Holistic approach to asset management.

We see BIM as being a key enabler for making these improvements and are delighted to support Balfour Beatty Investment Holdings Ltd in this approach. They are proactive, forward looking and collaborative in their approach and have set the bar high for other suppliers to follow. "

Julian Foster, Terminal 2B Project Director

Heathrow Airport Limited