Key benefits

Key benefits

Since beginning our adoption of BIM, we have identified a multitude of benefits for our customers, designers, supply chain partners and our own people and business.

For customers, benefits include:

  • Early design prototyping to show how an asset will look and operate - helping to speed up the approval process
  • Easy modelling of various options and the assessment of the impact of each choice
  • Reduced energy use and carbon production through life-cycle modelling
  • Optimal solutions that reduce design, construction and operational costs
  • Provision of data that can be integrated with facilities management programmes to ensure a comprehensive set of asset data is readily available on handover.

For designers and our supply chain partners, benefits include:

  • Increased collaboration, smoother delivery and improved safety though the integration of all contributors including the customer and facilities managers
  • Reduced rework on-site through better planning and design
  • Resource efficiencies.