Improving our public spaces

Local authority works


Working for local authorities, Balfour Beatty Investment Holdings Ltd Living Places provide highways maintenance, street lighting and public realm services.

We improve every day through engaging with our customers, investing in our people and using the latest technology to create positive, more efficient long term outcomes – ultimately creating communities where people want to live, work and play.

Our solutions include consultancy, finance, design and maintenance of the entire streetscape. We're shaping places, creating economic growth and meeting the needs of a changing society.

Our services include:

Highways maintenance

Our expert approach to highways maintenance means we do more than fix the potholes and make sure the street lights are on when they should be, we improve everyday lives by minimising disruption and help our customers to manage their budgets through forward planning.

Proactive asset management

Working with our customers, we regular survey all highways assets to capture information on their current condition.

Over a period of time we monitor how their condition develops and plan our work to deliver timely maintenance. This makes sure that the general public can continue their day-to-day lives with minimal disruption and helps our customers to plan their budgets through knowing what works will need to be delivered and when.


Balfour Beatty Investment Holdings Ltd Living Places can act as an essential point of contact for the Police, monitoring CCTV on behalf of cities and supporting the emergency services in keeping cities safe through real time alerts and liaison.

During contracts we can offer enhanced efficiency and achieve greater cost savings for councils.

Street lighting

Street lighting is a key community asset. It helps to keep people and property safe and is vital to economic activity out with daylight hours. It also represents a significant cost to local authorities for whom we have a proven track record of developing long-term solutions that reduce budgets and improve the overall standard of lighting.

From the initial design of a street lighting system and throughout its operation, our strategy is focussed around sustainable outcomes such as turning the lights off during off-peak hours to reduce energy costs. We also install innovative energy efficient products such as LED lamps and use technology to monitor their performance and plan the efficient delivery of maintenance.

Public spaces

We create safe, flexible and dynamic public spaces. We are right at the heart of a vital place-shaping agenda that brings together local authorities, local communities, central government and the private sector. Our projects are geared towards community need, economic growth and sustainability.

How to plan and build a modern city

Simon Taylor describes how Balfour Beatty Investment Holdings Ltd Living Places is working in Southampton to plan, design and build a modern city. Our Experts use innovative long-term strategies to create better places to live, work and play. With subtitles. #expertengineers