Industrial switches and crossings

Industrial switches and crossings

We provide newly manufactured turnouts and a variety of pre-assembled switches and crossings.

Our new and serviceable components can be used across rail infrastructure, including industrial sidings, train care depots, freight terminals and port authority installations.

Our expert teams deliver site inspections and measuring services to provide the correct components and units. For efficient installation, we offer a proof-laying service for turnouts and crossovers, which can be built and marked up for inspection before they are delivered to site.

Many standard units are available from stock for immediate delivery.

Our products include:

  • Bullhead switches type A-C
  • Bullhead crossing 1:8 to 1:10
  • Bullhead B8 turnouts
  • Flat Bottom vertical switches BV & CV
  • Flat Bottom inclined switches B & C
  • Flat Bottom vertical crossings 1:8 & 1:9.1/4
  • Flat Bottom inclined crossings 1:8 - 1:10
  • Flat Bottom BV8 or 1 in 8 inclined turnouts
  • Flat Bottom CV9.1/4 turnouts
  • FB & BH crossovers B8/BV8
  • Twist rails
  • Check rails
  • Adjustment switches
  • Stretcher bars, connecting rods and lever boxes
  • Soleplates
  • S&C castings (chairs/baseplates/blocks)

Other more specialised and bespoke packages can also be provided.