Rail sections

Rail sections

We supply a range of new and serviceable rail sections, available at short notice.

Our selection of rail sections includes:

  • Crane rails
  • Light to medium section flat bottom rails
  • Heavy duty track rails

We stock sections ranging from 9kg/m up to 150 kg/m, including all the most commonly used British and European rails.

We offer a flexible service and our in-house workshop facilities cater for all bespoke cutting and drilling requirements.

We also offer a number of serviceable heavy rail sections, both Flat Bottom and Bullhead, alongside a range of quality components, including:

  • Adjustable, non-adjustable and weldable rail clips and resilient pads
  • Fishplates and fishbolts
  • Hardwood and softwood sleepers and timbers
  • Concrete sleepers including cable management sleepers
  • P-way castings (chairs, baseplates and blocks)
  • P-way smalls such as clips, pads, insulators, chairscrews, ferrules, keys, S&C bolts, stretcher bars , connecting rods, lever boxes
  • Industrial switches and crossings
  • Twist rails and check rails
  • Serviceable P-way components for industrial applications
  • Buffer stops

A full delivery service is available for both the UK and overseas.