Product information



Our industry-leading AssetView™ software optimises the use of data gathered from rail assets to predict and prevent potential issues. This can be used to improve asset performance, reduce maintenance requirements and minimise costs associated with train delays.  

How it works


This secure, web-based asset management system is compatible with most data loggers and event recorders, allowing the user to remotely identify trends in the recorded data. Data can then be analysed to help improve safety, enhance asset use and reduce operating costs. By using the real time track map replay facility, significant reductions can also be made in the costs incurred for fault investigations.

Key features


  • Web-based system with no additional software required
  • Tabular and graphical displays
  • Configurable alert table
  • Full track map replay option available
  • Ability to save and export data, graphs and track maps
  • Ability to send scheduled reports, SMS and text messages
  • Full system support



  • Predict and prevent asset failures
  • Extend asset life and reduce renewal costs
  • Reduce of maintenance costs
  • Minimise train delays and associated costs