Product information



ClearRoute™ is a market-leading engineering software tool for calculating the clearances between railway vehicles and the surrounding infrastructure. The software defines infrastructure and vehicles, and can provide clearances between infrastructure and dynamic or static vehicles. It also provides passing clearances between a set of vehicles and stepping calculations for platforms.

How it works


ClearRoute™ continues to evolve  to offer more flexible levels of functionality and faster operating speeds. This means that rail engineers can now unlock the power of the software to create solutions using available space on the network, quicker than before.

ClearRoute™ 2 allows rail engineers to undertake gauging and clearance analysis more effectively than ever, helping to unlock the available space of a historically restrictive railway system without the need for costly infrastructure modifications.

Key features


  • Clear and concise user interface
  • A range of editing and design tools for accurate analysis
  • Simple module architecture
  • Import modules allow the inclusion of most types of measurement data
  • Ability to create and edit vehicle models
  • Multiple run type capability/extensive output data sheets
  • Standards compliant
  • Network Rail approved
  • Networking licenses
  • Option for network licences for multiple users/site locations etc.



  • Static and dynamic gauging for vehicle models compatible with active suspensions (tilting trains) and articulation
  • UIC kinematic gauging
  • Compatible with all forms of data inputs including LaserSweep™
  • Fully compatible with Network Rail and London Underground Limited (LUL) standards
  • Cost-effective alternative to Computer Aided Design approaches to gauging
  • Training course and technical support available

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