Product information



Our HyperRoute™ gauging software provides fast, accurate, fully validated structure clearance calculations. This software ensures significant cost and time savings for high volume gauging work. The system is available as a direct service, for in-house projects and work commissioned by customers.

How it works


HyperRoute™ is server-based and allows the user to undertake calculations in parallel, allowing complete simulation to be run in hours rather than days. These simulations can include structures, passing clearances or stepping distance, with all parameters defined by the user according to the infrastructure specifications.

Key features


  • Capable of extensive route based clearance calculations
  • Simplified management due to central repository of data and results
  • 3rd party integration with Excel and CAD packages



  • Turnkey solution
  • Significantly faster than equivalently featured desktop solutions
  • Latest algorithms providing enhanced accuracy of results
  • Training course available and technical support provided