Structure Survey Editor

Structure Survey Editor

Product information



Structure Survey Editor assists surveyors in taking measurements for tunnels, bridges and platforms.

How it works


This tool lets users view and manipulate profile data before undertaking any design or gauging clearance work. Data can be viewed on site and integrated with other measurements, such as cant and curvature. Measurement points can be edited to correct spurious points caused by lighting, foliage and areas of poor reflectivity.

Key features


  • Acceptance of measurement data in a variety of formats such as .sco,.scn,.xml
  • Ability to add and import twin track measurement profiles
  • Navigator window shows all selected profiles with cant and curvature
  • Allows the inclusion of track geometry to be administered manually or via an Excel spreadsheet
  • On screen viewer with editing tools
  • Provision to view and edit multiple profiles
  • Ability to add digital photographs
  • Multiple distance-base settings
  • Clear and concise editing tools



  • A range of viewing and editing tools which support .Sc0/Xml data from an array of measurement devices
  • Inclusion of track geometry measurements such as cant and radius
  • Profiles from a whole structure survey can be viewed and edited together
  • Photographic images of structures can be associated with structure profiles
  • Multiple distance-base settings
  • Low-cost solution with no annual maintenance charges

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