Product information



LaserFleX™ combines the functionality of a measurement train into a single, condensed, easily mounted, modular system for measuring railway infrastructure, track and clearances. It combines ultimate performance - in terms of accuracy, configurability and ease of use – with versatility of data output.

It supports a range of vehicle platforms from trolley through road-rail vehicle to train mounted and can operate at a range of speeds. LaserFleX™ can be configured for all-weather use and is intended primarily for night operation and captures up to 12,000 data points over 360 degrees, depending on configuration. It is also capable of video imaging and vehicle clearance analysis.

How it works


LaserFleXTM uses triangulation system with lasers and camera to capture the required data. It uses a static laser slice to illuminate the structure which is then viewed obliquely by the cameras, measuring the shape and position of the surface.

Key features


  • Easily mounted to trolley or train
  • Captures data at high speed
  • Integral track geometry measurement
  • No moving parts
  • Clearance measurement
  • Captures data for asset recording and change management



  • Measurement over 360 degrees with 800-12000 data points depending on configuration
  • Removes the need for multiple measurement systems - reducing survey costs
  • Easily installed and maintained
  • Streamlined data processing through intrinsic noise rejection and decimation
  • Full asset information captured to support planning and resourcing of renewal and maintenance activities
  • Trend analysis through desktop software ClearRouteTM helps with prediction of asset behaviour and condition