Product information


TrueTrakTM is a world-leading dynamic measurement system for both manned and unmanned track geometry measurement. This light weight expandable, modular monitoring system uses state-of-the-art electronics for reliable, accurate track geometry measurements.

How it works

The modular design is based around an expandable power and data bus architecture.
It transfers data between modules over a high-bandwidth optical fibre communications link. A central unit with removable drives provides a common control and data synchronisation hub. This hub contains integrated WiFi/ SMS for data upload and real-time alerts, as well as facilities for remote or local user login. The central unit also provides the interface point to any train-based systems data that may be available, which allows common information to be shared, reducing duplication and minimising installation costs.

The central unit requires only a single narrow conduit to connect to any of its monitoring modules. Monitoring modules can then connect to other modules using an identical conduit, significantly reducing installation costs and allowing an expandable architecture based around simple Line Replaceable Units (LRU).

Sensor selection, whether inertial or optical, can be tailored to provide an extendable range of geometry parameters to meet customers’ requirements. Expansion modules can extend monitoring capabilities to include overhead line, vehicle ride and corrugation parameters.


  • Choice of optical modules (low-light or high-speed)
  • Choice of inertial configurations (body or bogie mounted)
  • All EN13848 compliant for track geometry
  • Attended and unattended options
  • Modern modular (LRU based) design
  • Integrated lens cleaning
  • Wi-Fi data up-load
  • Real time data synchronization to other systems


  • Low initial system costs
  • Proven in service
  • Low running costs
  • Integrated real-time:
    - alert management available
    - location system available
    - ride system available
    - running rail profile available
    - third and fourth rail profile

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