Product information


DesignRoute™ is an interactive and visual software package enabling track to be designed to current Network Rail standards. The system is capable of providing effective horizontal and vertical track calculations, Overhead Electrification Equipment data, track, structure diagrams, and plotting facilities.

How it works

DesignRoute™ is a visual package producing both vertical and horizontal designs rapidly and efficiently.
Vertical designs are performed by fitting a series of straight lines and intersection points to a graph.
Horizontal designs are performed by detecting changes of radius, fitting constant curves and transitions.


  • Software package providing efficient and time saving functionality when carrying out vertical and horizontal plain line designs
  • DesignRoute™ reduces the need for multiple spreadsheet systems as all functionality is encompassed in one system
  • DesignRoute™ incorporates a number of time-saving benefits compared to other systems, such as a fast operating speed and simple operation
  • The maintenance costs of the system are much more favourable than similar systems
    The option is available to purchase either a joint Horizontal and Vertical licence or separate licences