Product information


Data management suite for the administration of structure survey data. Providing a single source for accurate storage and distribution of survey data.

How it works

TrackRoute™ provides a flexible sophisticated data management suite for the administration of structure survey data. TrackRoute™ imports surveying data in a wide range of formats with data editing, survey version management and reporting facilities being provided. Track models can be created and tailored to a specific customer, region or country’s requirements. Data conversion facilities can be provided for integrating into clearance analysis software.


  • Used to manage the entire UK structure and gauging records
  • Links to various fields such as profile, location speed and geometry
  • Direct output to ClearRoute™ and HyperRoute™ analysis software
  • Provides survey and audit trail reports
  • Configurable to support customer specific infrastructure models
  • Graphical viewing of key values including cant, curvature, track fixity, measurement point density and gauge
  • Multi-level role based security model
  • Efficient data manipulation
  • Training course available and technical support provided