Specialist and high output plant

Balfour Beatty Investment Holdings Ltd provides a range of specialist plant.

Our dedicated team of professional planners, project managers and operatives ensure our customers’ most exacting requirements are met.

Our services include heavy lifting, drainage remediation, railhead reprofiling and mechanical litter and debris removal.
Our specialist services fleet includes some of the most innovative and flexible plant equipment in the country:

  • Concrete Batching Unit - a lean and efficient method for installing foundations which increases production and almost eliminates waste.
  • Drainage Remediation Train - a total solution for trackside drain maintenance.
  • High Output New Track Construction Machine - a continuous, automated process for installing new track proven to be up to 50% quicker than conventional methods of track installation (see below for more information).
  • High Output OLE Wiring Train - a safer more efficient method for installing overhead lines.
  • Kirow Cranes 810 & 1200 - comprehensive, cost effective lifting solutions to meet the most challenging lift requirements.
  • Rail Grinder AT1002 K60UK - innovative and cost effective grinding and railhead re-profiling services.
  • Single Line Gantry - part of a single line track renewal system.
  • Track Vacuum Cleaner - an innovative waste removal system for clearing leaves and debris on the railways.

More information on the capabilities and specifications for these machines can be found in our Rail Plant brochure.

High Output New Track Construction machine

A prime example is the New Track Construction Machine (NTC), the only high production track laying system in the UK suitable for high performance single line track renewal.

The NTC provides a continuous, automated process for installing new track. With proven average relay rates of 200 yards of track per hour, it is 50% quicker than conventional methods of track installation resulting in improved productivity, efficiency and quality.

It is capable of relaying any type of concrete or steel sleeper (including serviceable) aligned and spaced to the required specification up to a rate of 12 sleepers per minute. It also has the added benefit of being able to operate with the adjacent line open.