Our biodiversity services are available to customers

What we offer

We offer the following biodiversity services.

Net Gain and Biodiversity Toolkits

We develop toolkits for measuring progress towards Net Gain at a company or project level. Data is displayed on a ‘Biodiversity Dashboard’, showing trends and vital statistics for improved risk management and strategic decision-making on how and where Net Gain is best achieved.

Corporate policies and procedures

We develop corporate policies and position statements on Net Gain. We also design procedures for delivering Net Gain ensuring these align closely with internal processes.

Sustainable performance

We work with customers for Net Gain to support other sustainability goals and enhance overall sustainability performance. We develop Net Gain systems that can be embedded into Environmental Management Systems such as ISO 50001 and used as part of the continual improvement processes.

Building skills and capabilities

We design and deliver training courses in Net Gain and biodiversity management for corporate leaders, project managers, sustainability and environmental managers and construction teams.

Stakeholder collaboration

With our extensive network of statutory authorities, non-governmental organisations and professional institutions, we support clients to engage with local wildlife groups and communities for their Net Gain to directly support local conservation priorities.

'Biodiversity Units' explained

The UK government published a metric to measure biodiversity in ‘biodiversity units’.

This is how it works:

Biodiversity Units explained