Modular construction methods

Modular construction methods

Multi-service modules

We use the latest technology to produce fully co-ordinated 2D and 3D service modules typically using six metre sections for services travelling horizontally within a building.

Typically services include: Domestics, LTHW, CHW, sprinklers, drainage as well as electrical services comprising of basket, tray or ladder and even modular wiring to complete the solution.

All pipework services will be fully air tested up to 0.5Bar and lagged prior to delivery to site by our transportation support partners. 

Full liaison between your project team, our logistics department and our transportation partners will ensure that a robust distribution plan can be developed and implemented, proving smooth delivery and off-loading on site.

Typically provides up to 40% reduction in on-site labour.

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Riser modules can be designed and manufactured to any size or form and can house the full range of mechanical and electrical building services.

Our risers can be manufactured in sections up to 12 x 4 x 4m. However, multiple sections can be produced to form a larger overall riser product or can be split into smaller sections i.e. floor by floor, for easier handling and installation access.

The riser frames undergo a full structural design by our supply chain partners based upon the M&E population contained within.

  • Flooring and kick plates can be included if required
  • As part of the structural design, lifting and slinging points will be identified and installed to ease off-loading and final positioning
  • Fire stopping barriers can also be incorporated to ease site complexity

Risers picture 1

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Utility cupboards

Single or Double utility cupboards can be manufactured, containment mechanical and electrical components.

Designed to site conditions and space requirements.

All necessary equipment and materials including, underfloor manifolds, Heat interface units, MVHR’s, distribution boards, pre-wired dado and smart metering, can be installed.

The frame is designed to be lightweight and space saving, whilst also be fit for purpose.

All utility cupboards can be manufactured to match property finishings. Powdered coated or cladded to site specifications.

Bulk manufacturing assembly, creating a production line of standardised pipework and assemblies, leading to faster and robust quality standards.

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We can design and manufacture a fully loaded plantroom in sections which are then delivered to site and assembled by our own site assembly teams.

With a packaged plantroom, we can begin manufacture far in advance of the lay down area being completed. As soon as site are ready, we can deliver and off-load our package plantrooms with assembly typically being completed within 10 days.

Our packaged plantrooms can be manufactured to any size, in multiple sections. Each section will be a maximum of 14 x 4 x 4m.

We can incorporate all types of plant, from boilers to calorifiers and from LV panels to CHP plant.  Within our package plantrooms we can also include all necessary pipework, ductwork, containment, isolator and inverters required, with only final wiring and commissioning required by our own site operatives and contractors.

Modular plantrooms can reduce hours on site. We removed 13,520 hours of work, including 4,470 hours of hot works and 5,900 hours of working at height on project Woburn.

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Plantroom picture 2

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Plant skids

Where packaged plantrooms can’t be utilised, we can provide individual plant skids as an alternative.

Plant skids consist of individual plant items such as boilers and pumps, mounted on a steel frame along with local pipework headers and valve assemblies.

Our plant skids can accommodate any plant item such as pumps, boilers, chillers, plate heat exchangers and even air handling units complete with pipe work hook-ups and local ductwork.

Plant skids are typically connected with loose prefabricated pipework sections to provide a complete plant room or energy centre solution.

The plant skid frames undergo a full structural design by our supply chain partners based upon the M&E services population contained within.

Each frame base can be fitted with either mesh or solid ‘dur-bar’ flooring and also incorporate inertia bases where required.

Plant skids picture 1

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Pre-fabricated pipework

Where our options for pre-assembled off-site works are restricted due to project conditions, then we can offer conventional welded fabrication solutions.

We have 14 welding bays that can cater for arc, gas and MIG welding requirements, as well as jointing methods for large copper pipework.

All Off-site Solutions welders are class-1 Zurich accredited.

Our loose fabrication pipework complements our multi-service modules, risers and plant skids and is provided to site with either victaulic or flanged connections, meaning that simple mechanical jointing can take place on site without the need for hot works.

Prefabricated pipework picture

Modular Electrical Systems

Modular wiring is a flexible ‘plug & play’ wiring system designed for a fast and effective installation. The flexibility of the system allows for changes to room and building layouts without the need for drastic re-configurations of the electrical installations.

Our Modular Electrical Systems team can produce a range of bespoke solutions to overcome installation issues which may arise on a project.

Early involvement with the electrical consultant, their specification and electrical layouts is essential in order to produce a clear scope to work against.

The Modular Electrical System is not just limited to plug and play wiring. We can provide the full electrical distribution infrastructure by designing and manufacturing pre-wired distribution boards, ‘home run’ armoured cabling (which can contain up to nine lighting and power circuits), master distribution boxers, which locally distribute power and lighting from a single home run connection, and finally, pre-wired lighting and power trunking, from which individual pre-wired supplies and switches can be taken.

The products are also zero waste. Products are shipped in mobile ‘bins’ with the exact components to fit out designated rooms/spaces.

Our Modular Electrical Wiring System has been tested and approved to BS 8488.

Wiring a module picture

Electrical wiring bins

Pre-wired distribution boards

Electrical ‘distribution centres’ which consist of lighting, power and mechanical services distribution boards together with full metering facilities which are mounted as a group onto a mounting frame work.

The internal protection devices consisting of MCB’s (Miniature Circuit Breakers) and RCBO’s (Residual Current Circuit Breakers) are generally connected directly to panel mounts mounted to a spreader box positioned at the top of each distribution centre.

The panel mounts consist of a multi-pin socket with wiring directly to either the protection devices such as contactors / switches. Panel mounts facilitate direct connection to pre-manufactured ‘home run’ multi core wiring provided as part of the modular wiring installation which will be installed onsite.

All distribution centres are fully tested in house prior to shipment to site.

Pre-wired distribution board picture 1

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