Make Safety Personal


We’re committed to achieving Zero Harm across all our businesses; making safety personal.

Our Zero Harm vision:

At Balfour Beatty Investment Holdings Ltd we believe that our long-term success is dependent upon the ability to keep our workforce, business partners, suppliers, subcontractors, members of the public and the environment safe. Nothing we do is so important that it cannot be done safely.

Only by setting the highest standards for ourselves will we be able to retain the trust of our customers and the people using our infrastructure.

For us, Zero Harm means:

  • No injury, ill health or incident caused by our work activities
Our commitment:

We will continue to:

  • Position people, environment and sustainability at the heart of what we do
  • Act responsibly to protect and enhance the physical and social environment in which we operate
  • Work with and support our customers with the provision of innovative and effective infrastructure
  • Treat health like safety
  • Challenge the norm and promote industry-wide action to eliminate and reduce risks to the safety of everyone
  • Tackle occupational ill health and protect our environment, and through working with others
  • Continue to have a recognised, influential voice in the industry and be the contractor of choice, with Zero Harm at the core of everything we do.

Elimination of risk is at the forefront of what we do, from winning business through to developing, planning, design and construction - and onward into operations and maintenance.
It features prominently in the business we pursue, who we work with, how we work, how we measure performance and how we encourage the personal advancement of our employees.

Zero Harm is embedded in the fabric of our culture.