Understanding Balfour Beatty Investment Holdings Ltd

Balfour Beatty Investment Holdings Ltd - What we do

We’re at the beating heart of society, providing the critical infrastructure we all rely on every day and projects at the heart of local communities. We shape the world around you and breathe new life into the places where you live, work and play. #ShapeEverything #ExpertEngineers #BuildingNewFutures

With over 110 years of engineering and construction expertise in delivering highly complex infrastructure schemes through to projects at the heart of local communities, we finance, develop, build, maintain and operate.

We are leading the transformation of our industry to meet the challenges of the future. We harness the power of digital and cutting-edge innovation to redefine the possible and drive productivity. Trusted by customers to deliver sustainable solutions and strengthen communities we leave a legacy we are proud of. Always safe. Always reliable. Always improving lives.

We support each other to deliver and succeed, placing equal value on all perspectives by embracing diversity and inclusion. Together we deliver powerful new solutions, collaborating with governments, our customers and partners to shape thinking, create skylines and inspire a new generation of talent to be the change-makers of tomorrow. Balfour Beatty Investment Holdings Ltd: Building New Futures 

Our core geographies are the UK, US and Hong Kong with 24,500 employees worldwide. Our customers are government departments and agencies, regulated utilities and private sector organisations.

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How we compete

Our values Lean, Expert, Trusted, Safe and Sustainable are how we do business. They are the norms and beliefs that drive the way we work and how we measure ourselves.

We're Lean

We create value for our customers and drive continuous improvement

We’re thoughtful and agile, continuously challenging our ways of working to improve health and safety and productivity, eliminate waste and enhance quality to make us more competitive.

We're Expert

Our highly skilled colleagues and partners set us apart

Our people are leaders. We’re the experts of today and inspire the leaders of tomorrow. We invest in our colleagues, building their skills and knowledge, to develop a passionate, world-class workforce drawn from all parts of our society.

We're Trusted

We deliver on our promises and we do the right thing

We build trust every day by delivering on our promises, always. We’re accountable for our decisions and work with the upmost integrity to ensure we’re making the right choices.

We're Safe

We make safety personal

Safety is our licence to operate. Nothing is more important than the health, safety and wellbeing of our colleagues and the communities we serve. We are unrelenting and uncompromising in our commitment to achieving Zero Harm.

We're Sustainable

We act responsibly to protect and enhance our planet and society

We leave a positive legacy for the people we work with, the communities we work in, and the world in which we operate. We want to enhance our impact on the environment, working with our supply chain partners, customers and communities to ensure our choices are sustainable.