Transmission and distribution

Transmission and distribution

We provide technical engineering solutions to regional, national and international electricity networks.

We help deliver a reliable, safe supply of power to millions of homes and businesses internationally. Our experience and expertise covers the whole electricity grid, including overhead lines, cable tunnels and distribution networks. 

Our teams offer a wide range of services, from scoping and feasibility to design, construction and on-going maintenance.

We provide flexible resources and innovations that power some of the world’s most ambitious transmission and distribution projects.


We offer services across the transmission and distribution spectrum. We operate from Low Voltage (LV) to Extra High Voltage (EHV) cabling, with a special focus on 132kV to 400kV.

Our teams assess scheme feasibility and scope the detailed requirements of a contract before work begins.

Fibre optic solutions

We provide an end-to-end solution for fibre optic assets, from installation to repair and maintenance. This helps our customers to manage their network assets in a cost efficient and sustainable manner.


We work with both onshore and offshore high voltage (HV) and extra high voltage (EHV) assets. Our services include long-term operation and maintenance contracts, installation EPC and responsive repair frameworks.

Our in-house teams deliver fully integrated solutions for our customers. This includes procurement, engineering, construction and contract management.

We operate and maintain transmission assets on behalf of asset owners. Working under annual maintenance contracts, we cover substations, converters, transmission cables and general repairs.

Our integrated asset management services include:

  • Sub-sea surveys
  • Condition assessments
  • Planned maintenance
  • Inspections
  • Fault identification
  • Monitoring

We also provide the specialist skills needed to construct and lay cables on and offshore. Our specialisms include near-shore works such as horizontal directional drilling and all aspects of cable jointing and terminations.

We have unrivalled access to HV and EHV jointers through our leading presence in the European HV and EHV transmission and distribution market.

Telecommunications, masts and towers

We deliver support for telecommunication and broadcast transmission network operators.

Our services cover the whole asset lifecycle, from feasibility design, structural analysis and pre-construction surveys, through installation, maintenance and repair work to decommissioning.   

Our in-house team of riggers have extensive experience delivering new infrastructure, temporary structures and undertaking in-situ upgrades, including antenna replacements, steelwork upgrades and stay replacements.

Overhead lines

Our teams construct, refurbish and maintain overhead transmission lines.

We recognise the importance of a modern power network. We help create renewable energy resources and sustainable electricity to supply power safely, reliably and economically. We help our customers make the right decisions and deliver their investment plans to the highest standard.



We are one of the leading high voltage substation suppliers in the UK, with specialist expertise in control and protection systems.

Our in-house design and programme management teams manufacture, install, test and commission substations. This includes extra high voltage (EHV) and high voltage (HV) substations, and all associated civil work.

We offer switchgear and automation products from a range of manufacturers, supporting bespoke project requirements.

We deliver a range of projects under EPC and other contract forms. This includes control and protection panels, substation computer control systems, and aluminium and steel switchgear support structures.

Switchgear manufacture

We specialise in the design and manufacture of electrical switchgear and power distribution substations.

Control and protection

Control and protection are key to safe, efficient and reliable power transmission networks. We work across a number of applications, including substations, power stations and wind farms.

Our engineering and design teams specify, engineer, build, test and commission these systems.

Computer control systems

We have the in-house expertise to seamlessly integrate equipment and systems. This ensures efficient, reliable automated computer control and monitoring schemes.

Commissioning is an integrated process that includes all power/control interfaces. This approach guarantees a fully operational system is delivered and installed to specification.

Outdoor package substations

We offer a fully integrated solution for distribution substations.

Our substations are designed in-house, with assembly, fit-out and testing at our own premises. Off-site manufacturing significantly reduces cost and installation time.

Switchgear support structures

We offer a range of aluminium and steel switchgear support structures. Our products are suitable for outdoor air insulated applications in transmission and distribution substations, power stations and wind farms.

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