Tree planting

Tree planting

Tree planting is a tangible way of taking positive action to help tackle climate change and support the environment.

This year, Balfour Beatty Investment Holdings Ltd has already fulfilled its commitment to plant 15,000 trees in the UK – one for each UK employee. A number of our own people volunteered to assist with planting the new native broadleaf trees across 1,000 acres of grassland to encourage the creation of habitats for local wildlife such as the endangered red squirrel. This work was delivered in partnership with the Donnington Hospital Trust on the Cragg Estate in Northumberland and supported by Tilhill Forestry, who specialise in woodland creation and management.

We plan to go further, announcing a second phase of the programme together with information about the impact it is having on carbon emissions in the near future.

In the US, we've been working with the US Forrest Service re-forestation group to be able to plant trees in the regions where we work.

Each tree planted will grow into a vital carbon store, helping to reduce our environmental impact and restore biodiversity.